Battery Torque Wrench DYNAMO Series

Battery Torque Wrench DYNAMO Series

The Cordless Wrench Dynamo Series is a compact design for working in limited spaces or without a power supply. Designed to master any application effortlessly, your ability to torque industrial fasteners is a simple and quick charge away. The DYNAMO's Lithium Power will provide you with the capability to torque fastenings with no hoses or cords to limit your reach. Within the DYNAMO is a digital motor vectoring system that provides accurate and repeatable torque throughout each model's full range. DYNAMO torque wrenches are easy to use, provide accurate readings and can be set to specific torque values, which is excellent for anyone looking for precision and accuracy. The Dynamo tool is the digital, cordless, and lithium-ion battery torque wrench with digital display and single increment torque settings. The color screen with keypad provides unmistakable visual LED indicator lights.


  • Hardened alloy steel for durability and long cycle life.
  • Multi-stage planetary gear systems with optimized tooth design.
  • Smooth rotation of the gearbox housing independent from the Drive handle.
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor.
  • Ergonomic glass-filled Nylon handle with a durable slip-resistant over mold.
  • 18V Li-ion Battery that provides extended run-time.
  • The color screen with user friendly keypad for setting Torque.
  • Bearing between stages isolates the Drive when used in all orientations.

Technical Details

 Model Min. Torque Max. Torque Free Speed Sq. Size Weight
Lb.ft Nm Lb.ft Nm rpm inch kg
DYNAMO-50 110 150 479 650 25 3/4 6.7
DYNAMO-100 221 300 1106 1500 4 1 7.1
DYNAMO-200 553 750 2212 3000 2.3 1 9.7
DYNAMO-300 811 1100 3097 4200 1.6 1.1/2 14.2