Electric Torque Wrench ELECTRO ETWC Series

Electric Torque Wrench ELECTRO ETWC Series

The ETWC Series Torque Wrench is a hand held, non-impacting electrically driven power tool designed to apply higher torque values. The tool is designed to deliver a preset torque load. Efficient, safe, and fast operation makes it suitable for heavy duty bolting applications.


  • Ease of Operation - The wrench stops after the set torque values are achieved.
  • Smooth Operation - The wrench is designed for smooth running without any impact.
  • Wide Range - Wide range of torque power from 150 Nm. to 4200 Nm. covered in four models.
  • Accurate and Convenient - Light weight, ergonomically designed tool and electronically controlled cut-off system ensure repeatability of torque value.
  • High Performance Gearbox - High performance alloy steel gears with impact free loading ensure long life and high accuracy performance.
  • Single Phase Supply - Power required for the tool is readily available, single phase 230V - 50Hz.

Technical Details

 Model Min. Torque Max. Torque Free Speed Sq. Size Weight with Reaction Arm
Lb.ft Nm Lb.ft Nm rpm inch kg
ETW-50 110 150 479 650 25 3/4" 6.8
ETW-100 221 300 1106 1500 9 1" 7.3
ETW-200 553 750 2212 3000 4.5 1" 9.8
ETW-300 811 1100 3097 4200 1.7 1.1/2" 12.6