Electric Torque Wrench ELECTRO ETW Series

Electric Torque Wrench ELECTRO ETW Series

The ETW Electric Torque Wrench is a hand held, non-impacting electrically driven power tool designed to apply controlled torque. The new POWERMASTER electric series torque wrenches come with simple buttons to increase or decrease the value. The set torque value is displayed on the LCD display.


The ETW Series features :
  • The wrench has a soft start for smooth running without jerk to the operator.
  • The wrench stops after getting torque values.
  • SET and RUN modes avoid accidental start of the wrench.
  • Now with digital torque settings, you can increase and decrease the value.
  • Torque ranges up to 4200 Nm.
  • The tool is designed to deliver a numerical preset Torque.

Technical Details

 Model Min. Torque Max. Torque Free Speed Sq. Size Weight with Reaction Arm
Lb.ft Nm Lb.ft Nm rpm inch kg
ETW-50 110 150 479 650 25 3/4" 7.2
ETW-100 221 300 1106 1500 4 1" 7.6
ETW-200 553 750 2212 3000 2.3 1" 10.0
ETW-300 811 1100 3097 4200 1.6 1.1/2" 13.0