Slugging Wrenches / Striking Wrenches / Podger Spanners / Castellated Wrenches

Slugging Wrenches / Striking Wrenches / Podger Spanners

Slugging Wrenches / Striking Wrenches / Podger Spanners

Features of Slugging Wrenches / Striking Wrenches / Podger Spanners

  • Powermaster Slugging Wrenches / Striking Wrenches have the heaviest construction on the market.
  • Slug Wrenches / Striking Wrenches wall and thickness optimized for heavy impact
  • Powermaster also manufactures castellated wrenches for use on GE turbines. Along with castellated wrench, GE turbine tools like castellated sockets, stack sockets, Striking Wrenches, slug wrenches, podger spanners, slug spanners are also manufactured.
  • Hammer /Hammering Wrenches are available in all metric and inch sizes upto 9 1/4" (230 mm) A/F.
  • Powermaster also manufactures podger spanners or podger wrenches (Structured Wrenches).

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Why Powermaster Slugging Wrenches, Striking Wrenches, Hammering Wrenches or Castellated Wrench?

  • Value of Slugging / Striking Wrenches: In the competitive world of today, savings matter! You get the life of the slug wrench tools you expect at a fraction of the cost you currently pay!
  • Quality of Slugging / Striking Wrenches: Large percentage of our revenues are spent in improving designs and life of our products. New innovations on products in this  catalogue are world’s firsts - ONLY WITH POWERMASTER.
  • Service of Powermaster in Slugging / Striking Wrenches: Powermaster is one of the world’s top 3 volume producers of tube tools. This enables us to stock more and service more customers from stock. If your local distributor does not have some part like hammering wrench or slug wrench in stock we can usually get it to you by courier in 3 - 4 days -  ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
  • Experience of Powermaster for Slugging / Striking Wrenches: You need experience to handle the vast array of products like castellated wrench, slug wrench etc. We have been in the business since 1971.